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Woodcut Mill Drill


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Product Code: 08-143

MillDrill for CrushGrind®    

The Woodcut MillDrill was designed to make the production of salt and pepper grinders that utilise the CrushGrind® mechanism, easier and quicker.

The MillDrill will accurately cut the first two holes (45mm and 38mm) at the correct depths for the fitting of a CrushGrind® mechanism after the cutters have been set.

Setting the cutters is a simple process. All that is needed is the Allen key provided and either a set of vernier calipers or an accurate rule. It incorporates a No2 morse taper so it will fit into the tailstocks of most lathes which means the drilling process can be done on the lathe.

In drilling the 45mm hole to the correct depth the 38mm hole will also be at the correct depth.

The Woodcut MillDrill has been designed in such a way to ensure the difference in the depths of the two holes is according to the dimensions of the CrushGrind® mechanism. There is a line engraved on the shaft 20mm behind the back cutter to show when the correct depth has been achieved

The Woodcut MillDrill has the added feature of being able to act as a chuck for drill bits with a 10mm shank. Many forstner bits have reduced shanks that measure 10mm and these can be inserted into the front of the Woodcut MillDrill with the front cutter removed.