Milescraft MC1366 Shelf Pin Drill Jig (Metric)

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Milescraft MC1366 Shelf Pin Drill Jig (Metric)


Do you want to drill and install cabinet shelf pin supports? Do you need a simple and accurate hardware shelf pin drilling jig suitable for a broad range of cabinetry applications? Then check out the Milescraft CabinetMate Shelf Pin Drill Jig. An accurate and easy to use shelf pin drilling jig suitable for the enthusiast and professional cabinetmaker alike.

The Milescraft CabinetMate positions and drills perfect 5mm shelf pin holes every time. It’s accurate, easy to use, lightweight and durable - a great alternative to any shop-made shelf pin drilling jig. Is also designed to drill fixing holes for Euro concealed hinges and Rafix connectors.

Features and benefits

  • Large template allowing you to accurately drill eleven evenly spaced at 32mm apart in a single setting
  • May be used on cabinet sides before assembly, assembled cabinets and face-frame or frameless cabinets
  • Template includes Euro hinge drilling locations for Euro style concealed hinges
  • Self-centring 5mm custom spring-loaded-brad point drill bit included
  • The bit is pre-set to bore a crisp hole with consistent depth for a perfect fitting shelf pin
  • 5mm and 1/4in indexing pins for accurate transfer of holes
  • Storage compartment so you never lose your index pins or drill bits

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Shelf pin jig with integrated storage container
  • 1 x 5mm spring loaded brad point drill bit
  • 1 x 5mm indexing pin
  • 1 x 1/4in indexing pin
  • Allen key
  • Instructions

Easy to use

Follow the instructions to:

  • Set the drilling positions
  • Drill your holes
  • Achieve perfect results every time
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