Honey Eater 4 PPHE4 Potpourri Lid

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Honey Eater 4 PPHE4 Potpourri Lid


80mm diameter. Pewter coloured. simply turn a small bowl with top and insert potpourri lid into bowl top to release fragrance.

Imagine a beautiful potpourri bowl, hand-crafted from your favourite timber, with a mixture of dried flowers, fruits, pinecones, spices, natural herbs and essential oils inside it, covered with a perforated pewter coloured lid!

Potpourri came about from the French word “pot pourri”, which translates directly to mean “rotten pot” in English. Certainly not the best sell for something that was created in the 12th Century to freshen the castle rooms!

Commercial potpourri varieties can include imitation oils or fragrances which aren’t great for your health; blending your own essential oils with your choice of dried flowers, leaves, herbs and spices allows you to control what you’re breathing into your body and add seasonal creativity of your own!

Try your hand at creating your own unique potpourri bowl with timber, acrylic, resin, or even a combination of materials - the opportunities are limited only by the imagination!

Potpourri bowls make lovely, unique gifts!

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