Veritas 05J21-10 Magnetic Dust Chute

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Veritas 05J21-10 Magnetic Dust Chute


A convenient magnetic dust chute, for a customised dust collection solution!

Designed for use with any shop vacuum system, the 76mm (3") square head on the chute clamps firmly to any metal surfacevia the four rare-earth magnets, holding it with 18kg (40 pounds) of force - plenty to fix it in your desired position with the shop vac hose attached. It is equally suited to drill press tables, small lathe projects, or other power tools with steel surfaces.

The 63.5mm (2-1/2") opening is compatible with some shop vacuums out-of-the-box, while a 63.5mm (2-1/2") to 31.75mm (1-1/4") reducer is included, for adapting to smaller hoses where required.

You could even use a 2-1/4" to 4" adaptor to suit your shop dust extractor hose if you wish! This and other adaptors not included and available separately.

Patented. Made in Canada

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