Narex N-876401 Curved Milled Tooth File

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Narex N-876401 Curved Milled Tooth File


Milled-tooth files possess extremely sharp teeth whose curved edges automatically impart a shearing cut. They cut faster than other files and leave a smoother finish than rasps.

These curved tooth mill files are designed for shaping wood, easing edges and refining joinery. The teeth are milled with a slight arc or curve which allows them to cut aggressively but still leave a surprisingly fine finish. The teeth cut by shearing wood instead of abrading it which produces small shavings with no tear-out instead of dust. The safe edges have no teeth so will not damage adjacent areas. These files are the perfect tool to dial in the width of a tenon without damaging the shoulder or to refine a wooden plane bed. The teeth are ground and then hardened so will stay sharp for a very long time.  

Handle: stained hornbeam wood, waxed.

Blade: carbon steel, hardness 60 HRc

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