Veritas 05T06-05 Small Fine Tooth Cross Cut Saw 22tpi

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Veritas 05T06-05 Small Fine Tooth Cross Cut Saw 22tpi 


Optimized for material 1/2" (12.7mm) and thinner, this saw is designed for fine joinery projects.

The teeth are set at 0.003" (0.076mm) per side and are filed with a 15° rake and a 60° included angle. They also have alternating 15° bevels that act as small knives to sever wood fibers. This blade geometry provides a fluid starting cut, followed by a smooth and accurate final cut, with almost no tear-out.

Made of high-carbon steel, the 22 tpi blade is 9 1/4" (235mm) long and 0.020" (0.5mm) thick, with a cut depth of about 1 9/16" (40mm). The molded spine incorporates stainless-steel powder for weight, glass fiber for stiffness, and an advanced polymer resin binder. The open-grip hardwood handle is comfortable in any hand, even small ones. The saw is 14 1/4" (362mm) long overall.

Patented. Made in Canada.

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