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Luban #5-1/2 Bench Jack Plane


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The Luban Number 5-1/2 Jack Plane Offers More Bang for Your Buck

You could think of it as two planes in one - a short try plane and a panel plane. The Luban #5-1/2 will take broad, shallow shavings and will tidy up already straight pre-machined timber nicely. The extra weight also makes it an excellent choice for truing up those wider boards.

A popular choice for students and beginner woodworkers. It's well balanced and if you get it set up correctly, makes a great compromise if you can’t quite stretch to a dedicated try and smoothing plane.

Luban Number 5-1/2 Jack Plane Specifications:

  • Precision ground, unbreakable CR40 alloy steel casting.
  • Engineered lateral adjuster with guide bearing and brass tab.
  • Low profile cap iron.
  • Brushed finish stainless steel lever cap.
  • Hardwood handles.
  • Cutting iron: 3mm (1/8in) thick 60.3mm (2-3/8in)
  • Sole Dimensions: 380mm x 73mm.

Stanley's perfect design with Luban Planes' famed quality and reliability

The design of these high-performance bench planes are based on the famous Stanley Bedrock series (regarded as one of the very best designs of all time) with a fully machined frog and body seating pad. The Bedrock design ensures the blade is held with absolute rigidity thereby preventing chatter. The sole of the planes are heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings that are machined and lapped smooth to tight tolerances so little tuning needs to be done to get them working immediately.