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Nobex Proman Mitre Saw


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Product Code: 20-201


·       Preset locking. Quick and accurate for 4, 5, 6 and 8 sided frames and 90° cuts.

·         Compound action. Patented technique for easy compound mitre cuts.

·         Automatic saw suspension for safe positioning of workpiece.

·         Parallel parking. Very useful for storage and transport.

·         Fast action clamp. Can be mounted in two positions to hold the workpiece securely.

·         Material support. Makes cutting of longer workpiece easy and more accurate.

·        Length stop specially designed for a mitred cut. Maximum length at 45° - 730mm. optional 1100mm length stop available for maximum 1265mm cut. 

Nobex Proman

Nobex Proman is the ultimate solution for many tasks where exact mitre cuts are demanded. The superior accuracy has given Nobex Proman a world wide reputation of being the only mitre saw that is exact enough for qualified picture framing.

The stability of the precision-moulded table is a necessity for perfect results.

Low Friction Blade GuidesThe unique low-friction blade guides are very important for the accuracy of Nobex Proman. They support the blade very tight from both sides and they follow the up and down movements of the saw in such a way that the teeth of the saw blade cannot touch the guides.

Pre-set locking for PromanNobex Proman has pre-set locking for six important angles in both directions and the angle-setting is fast and simple.

Fast Action Clamp for PromanThe patented fast action clamp with elastic rubber-foot can be mounted in two positions, with the option to press from the front or obliquely from above.

Smart Saw SuspensionProman is equipped with a smart saw suspension which allows safe positioning of the work-piece. The saw is automatically released when the sawing starts.

Telescopic Length StopThe saw is equipped with a telescopic length-stop. It also works as a support for long work-pieces when the stop lug is removed.

Nobex Proman comes with a Swedish quality blade with 24TPI, which is ideal for very fine cuts. Blades with toothings for plastic, metal and fast cutting of wood are available.