iGaging IG-35-MT-64 Digital Snap Thickness Gauge

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iGaging IG-35-MT-64 Digital Snap Thickness Gauge


iGaging is constantly improving its range of thickness gauges  - and this is the best one yet!

It's a professional-grade Thickness Gauge, pure and simple. iGaging has been in the business long enough, with quality California testing and design, to know how to create a functional, stylish and efficient measuring product. With two flat anvils, a ball anvil, a 3v battery (included), micro USB data output and ABS-HOLD function, it's packed with excellent, durable technology.

This is one handy gadget. The spring-loaded arms allow you to quickly and accurately gauge material thickness up to 27mm (1-1/16"). The compact size (the body is less than 2" across) neatly fits in an apron pocket so it's always at hand, and it's faster to operate that a set of calipers. Spring-loaded arms connect to a metal chassis with a plastic upper housing. Measures in decimal inch to 0.001", fractions to 1/64", and millimeters to 0.02mm.


  • Super hard CARBIDE tips.

  • Range: 0 - 1-1/16"


  • Accuracy: 0.001" / 0.02mm / fractions to 1/64"

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