Reducer 125-100mm YW-1027

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Reducer 125-100mm YW-1027


Reduce your larger ducting to suit a smaller hose size or adapt to your machine outlet. All connectors suit the size of hose listed – therefore are the male-size connection.

A range of reducers to adapt from one hose size to another. It is always recommended to extract with 4in and higher diameter hoses to get the most out of your extraction system and minimise the distance the dust has to travel in smaller diameter hoses.

Why do we think Sherwood hose reducers are so good?

Many connectors and reducers on the market are poor, cheap imitations made with little quality control and this leads to poor fitment - so many of our customers tell us they've been previously duped by the online retail giants selling cheap knock-offs that don't end up fitting their hoses despite the listed measurements. These connectors and reducers are guaranteed by Sherwood's quality control, meaning no sharp edges, rough bits or bowed measurements.

Just reliable service for years to come.

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