Woodcut Tools PHD Pro-Forme Power Head Complete

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Woodcut Tools PHD Pro-Forme Power Head Complete


Woodcut Tools PHD Pro-Forme Power Head Complete.

The Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme cutter head, also known as the Power head, has been specifically designed for hollowing.
Woodcut Tools founder, Ken Port, was frustrated by the generic hollowing tool scrapers on the market, so, after many years of design consideration, prototypes and hollowing the Power head cutter was formed. 

It features a unique parabolic shape, influenced by Parisian textile.  This parabolic shape has a narrownose which is uniquely designed to cut end grain cleanly.  The large outside curve is designed to cut the face grain on the side of the vessel creating wide shavings.  The cutter is specifically designed to release the shavings efficiently, commonly referred to by Phil Irons as the "big exhaust", unlike many of the other hollowing tools on the market with round cutters which create an inefficient 'U" shape exit.  The precisely designed bevel is uniquely designed to smoothly and effortlessly produce elegant curly shavings.  The cutter is made of M2 HSS and delivered hollow ground.  The brass gauge features a crisp edge and can be easily adjusted to control how much wood is cut and to prevent dig-ins.
‚ÄčWoodcut Tools recommends the cutter is regularly sharpened, for guidelines on how to sharpen the cutter please refer to page 6 of the User Manual.

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