Wataoka Japanese Rasp - Flat 150mm

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This double-sided, 150mm flat Japanese rasp is made by the Wataoka company in the Hiroshima Prefecture Japan. The cut is sharp and the action very smooth. This rasp is perfect for anyone wanting to complete fine work such as fine-tuning joints or detailed sculpting.

Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level.

This Japanese rasp works as fast as a rasp yet cuts clean like a file. Unlike the rough finish and sawdust produced by conventional rasps, this Japanese rasp acts more like a tiny plane producing fine shaving and a smooth finish. This rasp is great for fine work such as softening edges, fine-tuning joints, carving and detailed sculpting. This rasp may also be used as a joinery float.

The Wataoka flat rasp

This double-sided Japanese rasp saw cuts fast and clean. It is compact and light thus perfect for detailing you work or fine sculpting. The teeth are arranged like a single-cut file, with the rows of teeth interrupted by diagonal grooves. This configuration allows the rasp to take tiny shavings while minimising clogging.


Besides wood, this Japanese rasp will also work well on bamboo, resins and plastics and other composite materials such as MDF and plywood. This versatility makes these rasps ideal not only for sculptors and carvers, but also for cabinet makers, toy makers, musical instrument makers and anyone else who needs to shape wood.

Comfortable to use

This rasp features a textured, synthetically bound hand grip. The rasp is easy to hold and will not slip during use. The compact design makes if perfect for working in tight or tiny situations.

Made in Japan

This Japanese rasp is a high-quality product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan

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