Vicmarc V00279-7 Pen Blank Chuck 1"x10tpi

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Vicmarc V00279-7 Pen Blank Chuck 1"x10tpi


Somebody decided to call this the Pen Blank Chuck, I feel it has a larger range of uses in holding small turned peices like finials.

It is small in diameter so you dont have to worry about your knuckles getting rapped when you get close to the chuck.

Drill a perfectly centered hole in your blank on your lathe using this unique lathe chuck. The chuck includes two jaws that will hold your blanks perfectly centered at the headstock. Mount a drill chuck with your drill bit into your tailstock and advance the drill into your blank as it spins on your lathe. Advantages of this system:

  • Instant Set up and perfect centering
    Vary the headstock drilling speed to accommodate your blank and bit
  • Accommodates blanks up to 22mm Square
  • No “travel” limitations of a drill press quill
  • Will open from 8 - 25mm across flats.

Select the size thread to suit your lathe

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