Vicmarc Lathe Spindle Adaptors

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Vicmarc Lathe Spindle Adaptors


Vicmarc Lathe Spindle Adaptors 1"x8tpi Female - M30x3.5mm Male

Spindle adaptors allow you to be able to use existing chucks, faceplates etc on other lathes with different shaft sizes.

An example of this may be your lathe has an M30x3.5mm shaft but the club lathe has an 1" x 10tpi thread

You would then get an adaptor with an 1" x 10tpi female thread and an M30 x 3.5mm Male thread. This way you can use your chucks and faceplates on the club lathe.

There is a wide range of threads available so give us a call or email to get an idea if we can get one for you.

We do keep some of the more popular ones in stock but there could be a 3-4 week delay in getting one for you.

The first number listed below is the female spindle and the second number is the male spindle.

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