Vicmarc Bowl Jaws VM90/100

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$145.00  Inc. GST

Vicmarc V00693 Bowl Jaws 220mm to suit VM90/100 


The adjustable jaws allow you to re-chuck bowls for finishing the bottom or do light clean-up work on the foot of the bowl.

To mount the bowl, the bowl is reversed and held by the rim, either internal or external, with 8 unique soft plastic stoppers which are mounted on the face of the jaws.

Available in 3 sizes depending on the capacity of your lathe
220mm, 285mm 385mm.

220mm Bowl jaws internal expansion 95-220mm external expansion 144-270mm

285mm Bowl jaws internal expansion 95-270mm external expansion 145-330mm

385mm Bowl Jaws internal expansion 105-375mm external expansion 153-430mm

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