Vermec Sphere Jig Mini

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Vermec Sphere Jig Mini


Vermec Sphere Jig



Join the experts and compliment your workshop with the world famous Vermec Sphere Turning Jig. You easily now can create perfect spheres every time, which can be used internally and externally. Our new improved version is now equipped with an equator finding pointer and fine height adjustment collar which makes set up a breeze, even for the novice turner.

On earlier models the Clamping Plate on the jig is round by default, meaning you either have to unscrew the mounting plate or remove your tailstock to put the jig on your lathe. This new modification shaves off two sides of the round plate so that it fits between your bed ways, making it much easier to attach and remove the jig.

Suitable for most Lathes

Vicmarc, Nova, Jet, Robust, Woodfast, Laguna, Oneway, Delta, Powermatic and Stubby with center heights between 125mm-300mm. Sphere sizes range from 10mm-280mm in diameter depending on your lathe size.

The Sphere Jig's are made to order with 3 size ranges which serve a range of lathe center heights. It is however essential to supply us with your lathes vital statistics so we can fit the necessary spacers and adaptors to finetune your Jig.

 Vital info for placing order

1) Brand name and model of your lathe.

2) The center height, this is measured from the bed to the lathe spindle center line. You can measure this from the lathe bed to the point of a live center in the tailstock this allows us to supply your Jig with appropriate spacers for a perfect center height.

3) The gap of your lathe bed. This is the gap through which your tailstock and cam lock slides this is so we can supply an accurate adaptor for ensuring the Sphere Jig mounts central to the lathe axis.

Our Sphere Jigs are made to order, allow up to 2 weeks for dispatch. 

When placing the order, please include the above information in the comments section of the order form.

Jig Size

Mini 125-160mm centre height

Midi 175-260mm centre height

Large 261-310 centre height

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