Veritas 50K56-05 WILE Plane Hammer

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Veritas 50K56-05 WILE Plane Hammer


Making fine adjustments to plane-blade position is easier with the right tool, and few can compare to the finely made plane hammers of Richard Wile, a hobbyist woodworker from Nova Scotia.

Based on Wile's design, this hammer is machined in our shop to have the same elegant proportions as the original, giving it a weight and balance that feel right in the hand. The small brass head, only 5/8" (15.87mm) in diameter and weighing just 3 oz (85g), allows precise, delicate adjustments to the blade. The opposite end has a 13/16" (20.63mm) diameter face made of Delrin (a strong, rigid plastic) that is belled to distribute the force of strikes on wooden surfaces. The ash handle is 10 7/8" long (~276mm).

A tool that is as pleasing in the hand as it is to the eye. An excellent fine hammer with many uses around the shop.

Made in Canada.

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