Veritas 05Z16-01 Tool Wax

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Veritas 05Z16-01 Tool Wax


This is the same microcrystalline wax formula as the famous "Conservator's Wax" used by museums, art galleries and conservators to protect against airborne pollutants and finger marks and provide moisture resistance.

When used on a plane sole, machine table or fence, it reduces friction, allowing smoother movement of workpieces. At the same time, it will gently remove grime and wax build-up while providing a barrier that inhibits corrosion and protects against moisture. Only a small amount needs to be applied for effective protection.

Besides tools, it can be used on finished woods, metals, ceramics, marble, leather, gilding, photographs and even paper.

125ml (4.2 fl oz) in a metal container.

Made in Canada

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