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U Beaut Rotary Sander Kit


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Product Code: 01-141

The Kit (shown above) consists of a 75mm "VELCRO" faced sanding head, the shaft of which is attached to a right angle hand piece housing two sealed bearings. It has simple and concise instructions, and comes with 10 Velour backed 75mm diameter sanding discs in the following grades, 80, 120, 180, 240 and 320. Includes instructions and Answers to all your questions.

For face plate use, attach the work piece to the chuck, start the lathe so that the item to be sanded rotates at a moderate speed, as dictated by the size of the work. Select the lowest grit number and place sanding disc on the "VELCRO" face sanding head, as sanding progresses, proceed by using the finer grits in sequence.

To make the sanding pad rotate, it is simply a matter of placing the disk in contact with the revolving work and slightly tilting the pad on to the surface of the wood as it spins. Slight compression of the foam head combined with variations of the contact angle will result in the desired sanding effect.

One main advantage is that the velour discs do not wear out as fast, compared to power sanding. another advantage is that you do not leave scratches in the surface of the turned object because the surface is sanded by the generated speed of the lathe, not the controlled speed of the power tools. The speed of the sander head and work surface are matched. It is important to note that the direction of the rotating head can be changed simply by contacting the surface of the rotating work at a different angle it can also be used as a hand held non-rotating sanding pad.

The instructions are simple and concise, and extra velour discs can be replaced at any time at a minimal charge, especially if you are prepared to cut your own discs from velour sheets.