Trend Mirror Sharpening Paste 40gm

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Trend Mirror Sharpening Paste 40gm



  • A micro ultra fine abrasive compound for a mirror finish on chisels and planer irons when used on with a leather strop.


Product Key Points

  • Refines, hones and polishes.
  • For carving tools, chisels, knives and planes.
  • Mirror finish on cutting edge to give clean cut.
  • Quick results.
  • 2 – 3 micron (8000 – 10000 grit).
  • 40 gram (1.41 oz)
  • Supplied in screw top jar.
  • Apply paste to strop, rub to absorb and the stroke edge until polished finish.
  • Can be used on a buffing wheel.
  • Made in UK
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