Torquata YW-21348 Moxon Vice Hardware Kit

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Torquata YW-21348 Moxon Vice Hardware Kit


Do you love working with hand tools and need a versatile vice? Then check out this Moxon Vice kit from Torquata. A very versatile and economical bench vice perfect for anyone who wants to work with hand tools.

The double screw vice design has been around for centuries. Commonly referred to as a “Moxon Vice” after Joseph Moxon, who described the double screw vice in his book titled Mechanick Exercises published in the 17th century.

The Torquata Moxon Vice Hardware Kit

This Torquata kit allows you to build your very own Moxon styled vice at a very economical price. All you need to do is source two pieces of wood for making the vice jaws and then assemble. You can make the jaws practically any size you want. Moxon vices are generally designed to be clamped to an existing workbench. This means you can attach your vice to any practical surface and store away when not in use.


Due to their unique design, Moxon styled vices are very versatile. They are great for holding all types of jobs even those tiny bits n pieces you often must deal with. You can hold long broad sections upright such as solid timber chair seats - the seat will fit easily in between the two screws. You can even hold angled sections perfectly simply by adjusting the screw handles to offset positions.

Save your back

For some the height of your workbench may be too low for comfortable “up close” woodworking such as cutting joints or detailed carving. Because Moxon vices are designed to attach to the top of an existing bench, the practical working height is now increased by whatever height you make the vice jaws. This is the perfect way to save your back by elevating your work.

Portable and storable

As your Moxon vice is not permanently attached to your bench, this means you can store it away when not in use. Perfect for anyone who works in a tiny workshop or does not have the luxury of permanent bench. Yes, this vice will clamp to your kitchen table!


On first sight a Moxon styled vice may seem a bit clumsy and inefficient, they are quite the opposite. Once you have used your vice and develop a feel for the action, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

Easy to build

This Torquata Moxon vice kit is supplied with instructions on how to build your vice. All you need to do is source some suitably sized pieces of wood and bore a few holes. You can make the jaws whatever size you want - however the instructions do include recommended sizes that will suit most applications.

What’s in the kit

  • 2 x 127mm (5in) steel hand wheels

  • 2 x 19 x 203mm (3/4 x 8in) threaded screws for rapid opening and closing

  • 4 x threaded nuts and four washers

  • Instructions

Please note – timber jaws are not included

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