Torquata TTCL-1 T-Track Toggle Clamp Kit

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Torquata TTCL-1 T-Track Toggle Clamp Kit


Designed to fit a standard 5/16in T-track, the Torquata T-track Toggle Clamp Kit is your go to for repetitive clamping in both woodworking and metalworking applications. The Torquata T-track Toggle Clamp Kit is produced from a longtime, quality manufacturer and can be relied on in all situations, from the home workshop right through to heavy-duty, industrial applications in manufacturing.

Screw-mounted onto an aluminium base plate for simple installation, this clamp can be easily rotated to face either direction perpendicular to your track. The screw-mount system enables the clamp to be used as a regular screw down toggle clamp. Why by two different styles when you can buy one that does both!

The micro-adjustable toggle clamp pads, or micro-pads, hold and protect work simultaneously. Standard toggle clamps come with rubber bullet heads which a lot of brands say are non-marring, but you'll soon find they're not quite as tender-loving-caring as you may have thought.

The pads have a wide diameter of 35mm, allowing for a bigger footprint where the force is evenly distributed around the perimeter of the pad. A swivel mechanism that joins the pad to the bolt is great to easily clamp workpieces that have a slight angle or are not completely flat. 

You’ll find that there is no need to get out the spanner to tighten bolts on the height adjustment, as with more basic styles of toggle clamps. This is achieved through a solid brass wing-nut for quick shaft release and a knurled brass knob on the end. The brass knob provides an easier grip to fine-tune the clamping pressure, which will save you so much time and hassle in the workshop.


  • Aluminium mount suits a 5/16in T-track
  • Traditional screw down option
  • Pliant, adjustable clamping pads
  • Solid brass adjustment knob
  • Quick wing-nut fastening
  • Easy grip rubber handle
  • Solid, steel construction
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