Torquata TQ-08336 Posi-Lock T Square with Protractor 300mm

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Torquata TQ-08336 Posi-Lock T Square with Protractor 300mm


The Torquata 300mm Posi-Lock T Square with Protractor is your ultimate set out tool. With its 300mm rule, Posi-Lock protractor and quality build, this tool is perfect for anyone wanting to measure and mark out all types of projects.

Unparalleled Accuracy

The Torquata Posi-Lock T Square delivers unparalleled accuracy in your set out work. Just snap the head into the angle you want and mark your line. The head adjusts from 0 – 70 degrees and locks securely every 5 degrees (plus 22.5 and 67.5 degrees).

Precise indexing

The secret to the Posi-Lock T Square is the series of precisely machined indexing holes and the spring loaded, tight tolerance indexing pin that meshes with them. The pin snaps into place giving you the confidence to know it is spot on accurate.

Metric marking holes

The thin 300mm blade is marked with metric graduations along both edges. The blade also features marking holes that allow you to mark out every millimetre accurately using a mechanical pencil super. Made of aluminium alloy, this tool is beautiful and durable. Every workshop should have a Torquata Posi-Lock T Square with Protractor.

Features & benefits

  • The 300mm aluminium blade allows you to draw straight lines perfectly accurately
  • The metric marking holes allow you to draw lines perfectly parallel to the edge of your stock
  • The Posi-Lock protractor head adjusts from 0 to 70 degrees in both directions with positive stops every 5 degrees, plus 22.5 and 67.5 degrees - mark every angle you can imagine
  • Posi-Lock mechanism ensures the protractor will not slip during marking out – accuracy!
  • Sturdy solid aluminium body means this T-Rule won’t flex or buckle under pressure
  • Easy to read metric graduations along both edges, no imperial nightmares!
  • Chunky block T-Bar so your marking tool fits hard up to any edge
  • Knurled steel knobs make this tool secure yet very easy to adjust.


  • 300mm metric rule with marking holes every millimetre
  • Posi-Lock protractor 0 – 70 degrees plus 22.5 and 67.5 degrees
  • Overall length 362mm
  • Overall width 211mm
  • CNC machined from aluminium alloy
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