Livos Svalos Thinners 500ml

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Livos Svalos Thinners 500ml


Svalos Thinners
Product Description
For diluting natural oil and resin paints, and also cleaning of painting tools. Clear, colorless, with a mild odor. Low interfacial tension facilitates the penetration into the micro-capillary systems such as wood, cork, etc., and encourages the wetting of pigments and surface-active agents.

Solvent retention in dried coating is practically zero. A light odour of orange oil might be present for a while.

Suitable for
The dilution of LIVOS wood stains, varnishes, resin oil impregnations and LIVOS clear and covering varnishes. To brush out resin-rich wood before priming, cleaning of tools and equipment, as well as removing not yet dried stains.

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