Slick Tape ST-34

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Slick Tape ST-34


There are a few ways to make things slide easily in the workshop. You could apply paste wax. And then reapply paste wax. And then reapply still more paste wax…

…or you could get sensible and use Slick Tape once and for all! Designed for any and all applications where two surfaces need to be able to slide against each other.

Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Self-Adhesive Polyethylene

OK, so there’s the reason why it’s called simply, ‘Slick Tape’! This stuff is specially formulated to have a very low coefficient of friction. In fact, it’s as slippery as Teflon but much more abrasion-resistant.

Easy to Install

It’s way easier to use this tape than it is to say Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Self-Adhesive Polyethylene… Simply cut it to length, peel off the backing and stick it where it needs to go. Crosscut sleds, mitre slots, and in/outfeed tables are just a few of the possible applications.

Easy to Clean

Blobs of glue will peel right off Slick Tape. So if you’re the kind of woodworker who likes to get ‘creative’ in the workshop, there’s no risk of compromising the slipperiness of your favourite jig. Even beer spills wipe right off…

Size 908 x 19 x 1mm

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