Sleeveless Drum Sander with Handle FSD-10

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Sleeveless Drum Sander with Handle FSD-10


Sleeveless Drum Sander with Handle is a very cool addition to your sanding arsenal. And has the advantage of you never having to purchase size specific sanding sleeves. Perfect for the enthusiast and pro woodworker alike.

If you need a sanding tool that you can grab with both hands to sand complex curves and angles, then check out this Sleeveless Drum Sander with Handle.

Sleeveless Drum Sander with Handle

This drum sander is a useful and versatile addition to your workshop. Fix into your hand drill to create your very own curve sanding wonder. Perfect for shaping and finish sanding on a wide range of materials. Particularly good for shaping edges, intricate curves and sculptures.  The drum measures 76mm (3in) long and accepts a variety of paper grits. The shaft is 9.5mm so will fit easily into the chuck of your hand drill.

Mounting the paper

Your drum sander is supplied with 120 grit paper, most grades of paper can be loaded onto the drum easily and neatly. To change the paper simply wrap the paper around the drum then feed the ends into the slot to fix. Instructions included in the box.

Whats in the box

Your Sleeveless Drum Sander with Handle includes:

  • 1 x 50.8mm (2in) x 76mm (3in) sanding drum

  • 100mm long Aluminium grip handle

  • Adjustment spanner

  • Instructions

  • Supplied in a cardboard box.

Why a sleeveless drum?

Sleeveless sanding drums are great as you’re not committed to buy replacement sanding sleeves from the supplier, just use commonly available 75mm-wide or cut down 100mm-wide cloth-backed abrasives. This opens a much larger range of grits to suit any task or material

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