Sili-Glue NSG-17 Silicon Glue Application Kit

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Sili-Glue NSG-17 Silicon Glue Application Kit


Need a glue brush kit that is effective, and glue won’t stick to? Then check out this Sili-Glue Silicon Glue Application Kit.

This silicone glue brush kit allows you to apply yellow or white wood glue quickly and easily with the Sili Brush non-stick glue brush and silicon spreader applicator. The Sili Brush Kit is designed to be used repeatedly without having to purchase extra brushes like you would with typical tin acid or flux applicator brushes. Supplied with a 13mm or 25mm brush head, an 85mm wide spreader applicator and a silicon glue tray.

Whats in the kit

This kit has everything you need for non-stick gluing including:

  • 1 x 13mm Sili brush
  • 1 x 25mm Sili brush
  • 1 x 85mm Sili spreader
  • 1 x Sili glue tray


The silicone bristles make applying glue and clean-up of the brush a breeze. Once you finish applying glue, simply rinse the brush head off with warm soap and water and you are ready to re-use the Sili Brush again after it dries.

Features & benefits

  • Supplied with two widths of silicon brushes to suit a broad range of gluing tasks
  • Each brush features a brush head and a paddle end to assist getting into tight joints and mortises
  • The spreader features both an 85mm wide brush edge and 55mm wide paddle
  • The silicon tray not only holds glue, but it can also be used to pour glue precisely
  • Easy pencil type grip handle for extra control and comfort when working
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Glue brush rest helps keep the brush elevated when not in use
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