RZMask Large F1 Replacement Filter - Active Carbon (3pk)

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RZMask F1 Replacement Filter- Active Carbon 3pk


The F1 Dust Mask Filter is the standard replacement filter for your RZMask.

If you’re doing any kind of woodworking and making dust – you are protected with your RZMask. The extra benefit of your reusable RZMask is that the filters are replaceable. Ensuring you always have a fresh and effective mask every time you work.

Available in 3 different sizes, please select the correct size filter from the dropdown menu

Remember to select the filter size that matches your mask:

  • Medium Filter = Medium Mask
  • Large Filter = Large Mask
  • Extra Large Filter = Extra Large Mask

RZMasks - Best-in-class filtration

RZMask filters consist of two layers. One layer that effectively traps airborne particles down to 0.1 of a miicron in size. The second layer is an Active Carbon Element that helps reduce harmful fumes and odours. All RZ filters have been tested to be 99.9% efficient. Breathe easy with an RZMask, knowing you are protected from the harmful effects of inhaling dust.

Reduce odours and harmful fumes

The Active Carbon Element means that you are protected against and harmful fumes and lurking smells!

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