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Router Table Floor Stand


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Product Code: 23-150

The full-size stand has straight square-tube legs which provide four pillars of strength. Cross-braced with 2mm-thick folded steel plate frames, threads are cut directly into the legs, ensuring fast assembly and creating a square frame straight out of the box. The cross braces are folded steel to ensure they provide maximum reinforcement to the the legs. The four adjustable feet built into the base allow for large 80mm height adjustment and to adapt to uneven floors with ease.

This stand is designed to accept the large 810 x 610mm cast-iron router table top (as well as the lighter MDF/Phenolic version), plus all the accessories that are available as well as large 1/2in routers. It has also been engineered to ensure that it can handle all the forces thrown at it from environments when heavy-duty routing applications are the norm, and its strength is obvious once assembled.

The top cross braces have multiple mounting holes on all four sides - so rather than relying on just four bolts to mount the table top, the extra mounting bolts ensure that when the table is installed, it feels like single complete unit with zero flex.

Built into the stand are router bit organizers with holes to load up your most popular 1/4in and 1/2in shank bits so they're close at hand. These organizers also form another part of the bracing that provides reinforcement in the stand.

Finishing it off is the remote switch with a mounting bracket so it can be conveniently located anywhere on the four legs, plus a bracket to store the included mitre guide & fence (available separately). The bracket can also store the router lift height winder if you choose to include this with your router table build.

The table is primed and then powdercoated in a metallic Sherwood orange