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Router Bit Sharpener


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Product Code: 23-544

We think this may become a classic “go to” diamond stone. The Diamond Cross Router Bit Sharpener was created directly from prototype tester’s feedback. The design brief created from them was to reduce the stones width and have the handle closer to the point of contact with either router bit edge or as was also discovered - TCT saw blades. A 2nd series of tests were carried out confirming that the new design all but removes the leverage feed back to the handle from the blade edge. We think you’re going to like the result.

Router Bit Sharpener Features

  • Handy Size - The Router Bit Sharpener is the smallest Diamond stone in the new M Power range, however it is just as important as the other stones. Keep your bits sharp or risk spending time and energy cleaning up the burn marks left on a routed edge from a blunt bit and given its size it's hardly going to cramp your shelves.
  • Double Sided 300-600 Grit - It was decided very early on that it made no sense to manufacture single sided diamond stones. The cost of the stainless steel remains the same for a single or double sided. So we didn’t sell ourselves short – The whole Diamond Cross range is Double sided.
    • Side one Coarse 300 grit diamond grade - Used for fast stock removal, Ideal for the preparation of the edge.  
    • Side two Fine 600 grit diamond grade - Used for honing a primary edge
  • Solid 1.5mm Thick Anti Rust Stainless Steel Core - The majority of diamond stones on the market are manufactured in steel. However the desire to produce the best quality diamond stones served as the best incentive. So M Power use stainless steel - the superior “non rusting” option for the Diamond Cross range of stones. 
  • Quality Assured - The DC Router Bit Sharpener is assembled and thoroughly inspected in M.POWER’s factory in the UK to ensure every diamond stone is perfect prior to packaging and despatch. 
  • 3 Year Guarantee - M Power are so confident of the build quality of our new Diamond Cross range of sharpening stones. That each stone is backed by a “no fuss” 3 year extended guarantee. 
  • Diamond Cross Patterned Recess - The Highly distinctive DC embossed patterned recesses provides the perfect balance between the ultra hardwearing diamond coverage and anti clog properties of the pattern. 
  • In Surface Grit Indicator - All Diamond Cross sharpening stones are double sided, so on each side of the stone a highly visible number is embedded clearly indicating the grade of the diamond