Torquata Quick Action Lever Clamp

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Torquata Quick Action Lever Clamp 150mm


Torquata Quick Action Lever Clamps

These clamps are available in 2 sizes 150mm and 300mm 

  • Die-cast aluminium alloy body with forged steel locking components for light weight without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Drawn I-beam carbon steel bar will not flex
  • TPR grip pads increase friction to hold it in place when tensioning clamp and will not mark work piece
  • Jaw depth of 90mm
  • Maximum clamping pressure up to 440lbs (200kg)
  • Unique lever makes it easy to apply maximum clamping pressure
  • Locking mechanism makes it quick to clamp and easy to release
  • Manufactured in Taiwan to OE specifications for lifetime of enjoyable use

Selcet the size required form the selection above.

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