MicroJig GRR-Gripper 2GO Push Block

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MicroJig GRR-Gripper 2GO Push Block


Take your machining safety to the next level with the MicroJig Grr-Ripper 2GO.

Eliminate the risk of kickback. Make thin cuts with confidence. Reduce blade marks and burning. The MicroJig Grr-Ripper 2GO is the fastest table saw safety solution for both the enthusiast and the pro woodworker.

The Grr-ripper 2GO is designed and engineered in the USA to protect your hands and fingers from cuts and injuries while working with the table saw. The extreme grip ensures that you can easily hold and control your workpiece, preventing slippage and accidental injuries.

Three directions of force provide essential stability for superior precision, safety, and control.

  • Downward pressure stabilizes work piece on a flat surface.
  • Inward pressure against the fence virtually eliminates kickback.
  • Forward pressure feeds stock consistently through the cut to eliminate burning and blade marks.

The Grr-ripper 2GO virtually eliminates kickback. Kickback can occur when the wood moves in a way that makes the saw blade catch it and throw it at you. The Grr-ripper 2GO holds both sides of the cut parallel to the blade, so the saw blade doesn't catch it and you stay safe.

Unbelievable Gripping Power with Green-GRIP

Green-GRIP is the proprietary non-slip material that gives you superior gripping power over work pieces and materials such as hard and softwoods plus plastics and aluminium. Treaded grooves provide increased traction on the work piece even with sawdust. Easily cleaned with denatured or rubbing alcohol. No other push block’s grip comes close.

Brilliant Versatility

Your Grr-Ripper 2GO can be used around the workshop on almost every machine.

  • The Grr-Ripper 2GO allows you feed material over your jointer’s cutter head without having to apply too much downward pressure, making proper face-jointing technique easy, and safe.
  • Use the Grr-Ripper 2GO on its side when resawing on the bandsaw. The Grr-ripper 2GO glides along the table top and applies even pressure against the fence with your hands clear of the blade. Even pressure means less blade drift, resulting in smoother cuts.
  • The Grr-Ripper 2GO provides incredible command over your workpiece on the router table. Whether you’re using the fence or freehand routing, its powerful grip controls stock and protects your hands from dangerous spinning bits.
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