Microjig MatchFit GR200 Advanced GRR-RIPPER

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Microjig MatchFit GR200 Advanced GRR-RIPPER

Features & Benefits
  • Virtually eliminates kickback during cutting
  • Keeps stock firmly against the fence to achieve accurate cutting
  • Controls and feeds both workpiece and off-cut making for cleaner and safer cutting

Safety is one the most important thing to consider when doing any work with machines or power tools. The GR-100 GRR-RIPPER Basic features three legs with green non-slip pads on the base that grips the workpiece securely and safely. This is the best and safest push stick available.

Featuring two fixed outer feet, and a third adjustable wider inner foot moves so it can be positioned either side of the blade depending on the width of cut. The inner foot is 3.2mm (1/8”), so it can cut stock down to this width. Even catering for bevel cuts safely, keeping fingers away from the spinning blade, all while holding the workpiece down on the table, pushing it forward and against the fence. Not only does it hold the workpiece, but it is also pushing the off-cut at the same time, reducing the chance of either being kicked back and reduce re-saw damage and burning.

For longer stock, over 400mm, use two GRR-Rippers “hand over hand”, keeping the workpiece constantly moving safely, while being held against the fence, and keeping the users hands and fingers away from the blade.

When cutting a piece that is narrower than the jig, simply position the jig on the workpiece and lower the Balance Support to the table surface, giving it the stability needed to safely rip those thinner pieces safely.

This advanced model features a stabilising plate and adjustable spacer, these can be added

The stabilising plate adds that extra bit of safety when cutting small pieces, by fixing to the bottom of the Balance Support, with the small hook, it pushes the off-cut along with the Gripper. It does not push the off-cut against the fence, rather along with the cut, safely out of the way.

The advanced model has a spacer which adds 25mm of cutting width, so 107mm of material can be safely ripped with the blade safely within the Gripper, away from hands and fingers.

The spacer adds an additional 25mm of Mircojigs green grip material, adding to the amount of material that is gripping and holding the workpiece pushing it down onto the table, in against the fence all while pushing it forward through the cut.

When the spacer is turned upside down, it can be moved up out of the way to avoid a router bit that has been set high so not to damage it during the cut. There is no Mircojig green grip material on this side.

This really is the jig every workshop with a tablesaw and router table should have.

Note: A practice cut with the machine OFF is suggested. This will identify if the jig and blade or cutter is set up correctly to do a safe cut.
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