Magswitch MAG-1375 Drill Press Fence

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Magswitch MAG-1375 Drill Press Fence


Made from a solid piece of steel, machined all round for an ultra-flat and square surface. The fence is supplied with 2 Magswitch toggle activated magnets, that can be adjusted in their mounting positions via the multiple drilled holes, to suit just about any width of table. They also feature a rubber grommet underneath that provides some cushioning and friction to the attachment, for a very secure lock.

The fence is designed with a cutaway centre, to allow for clearance of the chuck when drilling close to corners and edges. Also included is an infinitely adjustable stop, for repeat drilling operations. This is also actuated via a Magswitch toggle and as the fence is steel, can be positioned anywhere you need on the face. With both 90˚ and 45˚ faces, setup for just about any repeat drilling operation is simple.

Dimensions are : 330mm x 63mm x 11mm (Steel Fence excluding the Mag-jigs and Repeat Stop)

A deceptively simple yet exceptionally functional, easy-to-use, premium fence offering to upgrade your drill press. Also available in a larger format, especially suited to large drill press machines.

*NB: Drill Press not included!!

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