Luban Knuckle Cap Block 20 Degree Plane

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Luban Knuckle Cap Block Planes


Even more planes that owe their heritage to discontinued Stanley designs, the standard angle is based on the #18 and the low-angle is based on the #65 low-angle “knuckle cap” models – generally regarded as pinnacle designs.

The base castings have been revised compared to the originals to strengthen historical weak points with improved blade bedding areas. The improved blade adjustment mechanisms provide simple and easy adjustment of the blades using the rear adjustment knob. The adjustable mouth is smooth to operate and allows for coarse to ultra-fine shavings.

You can expect to get these premium features as standard when buying these planes –

  • 51 x 178mm sole with 41mm-wide blade
  • 3.2mm-thick high-carbon tool steel blade ground with 25° bevel
  • Solid cast bronze knuckle cap
  • Solid brass and steel knobs and fittings
  • Stress relieved ductile iron castings precision machined and lapped smooth and square
  • Available with standard 20° or low-angle 12 ½° bed angle.

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