Luban LLAJ-001 #62 Low Angle Jack Plane

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Luban LLAJ-001  #62 Low Angle Jack Plane


Based on the original Stanley #62 plane – it was originally designed for heavy stock removal across the grain, however it now has found a popular place in hand plane ranges around the world as a plane that can be used for shooting mitres, working on end-grain and initial smoothing on figured timbers, minimizing tear-out. This version has the following features –

  • 62 x 355mm sole with 51mm-wide blade
  • 12° bed angle with 25° blade angle
  • High-Carbon steel blade (Mn65)
  • Adjustable mouth by loosening front knob and turned solid brass lever
  • Precision ground and lapped sole and wings
  • Approximately 2.1kg in the hand – similar to a #4 smoothing plane
  • Polished Bubinga front and rear handles
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