Luban LBP-040 #4 Smoothing Plane

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Luban LBP-040  #4 Smoothing Plane


The design of these high-performance bench planes are based on the famous Stanley Bedrock series (regarded as one of the very best designs of all time) with a fully machined frog and body seating pad. The Bedrock design ensures the blade is held with absolute rigidity thereby preventing chatter. The sole of the planes are heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings that are machined and lapped smooth to tight tolerances so little tuning needs to be done to get them working immediately.

Features you can expect to enjoy when buying a Luban plane are –

  • 3.2mm-thick high-carbon tool steel blade
  • 3.2mm cap-iron mated to the blade for improved rigidity and reduced chatter
  • Precision cast and machined stainless steel cap
  • Large solid brass blade adjustment hand wheel and screw
  • Smooth bubinga front and rear knobs
  • Heavy-duty steel lateral-adjustment lever

A #4 smoothing plane is absolutely essential in any woodworker’s tool kit generally used for general and finishing woodwork. The sole of this version measures 251 x 62mm with a 51mm wide blade.

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