Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Jig

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Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Jig


Router tables are exceedingly popular and can be found in most shops. The Leigh RTJ400 is designed specifically for router table use, providing fast and accurate routing of through dovetails, box joints and half-blind dovetails, all on your router table. The Leigh RTJ400 Template is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium for perfect joinery every time.

Versatility is a key feature of the Leigh 16"(400mm) RTJ400 Jig. It makes 5 sizes of through dovetails at two different pitches, 3 sizes of single pass half-blind dovetails, and 4 sizes of box joints (finger joints). Perfect joint fit is guaranteed and repeatable with the patented Leigh elliptical guide bushing.

The Leigh RTJ400 is capable of: Full pitch through Dovetails; Half pitch through Dovetails; Half Blind Dovetails; Box/Finger joints; Angled Dovetails; End on End Dovetails.

The Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail Jig makes precise joinery easy. Simply center the board on the template and guide the jig across the router table to rout the joints. 

Note: this is not suitable for use with any model Triton table.

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