Kunos 750ml Natural Oil Sealer #244

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Kunos Natural Oil Sealer


Kunos Natural Oil Sealer

Product Description
Reinforces and deepens the natural color of the wood grain in interior solid timber, furniture, floors (timber and concrete), window frames and doors as well as OSB boards and toys. Transparent, gloss, water resistant, open pored finish. Produces a protective surface film. Available in a range of colours.

Suitable for
Interior solid timbers such as furniture and floors as well as concrete Only partially suitable for OSB, Multiplex and veneers. Also suitable for toys

To be determined by doing a test application.
First coat: 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 22 m²
Second coat: 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 90 m²
Third coat: 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 250 m²
For spraying, add max. 5-10 % SVALOS Thinner No. 222. For dipping, use max. 10-20% SVALOS Thinner No. 222.r

Wood Preparation:
Wood must be dry (moisture content below 12 %), solid, absorbent, clean, free of resin and dust. Brush large-pored
wood such as oak, ash, chestnut, elm, mahogany or teak carefully, to clean pore grooves.
Sand furniture gradually with sandpaper up to 240 grain(exception oak use 180 grain). Sand floors gradually up to
120 grain with a roll grinder (a sanding machine with sanding paper), and then up to 180 grain with a grit.

Stir thoroughly before use. Remove possible skin formed on surface. Test application is recommended. Depending
on surface requirement, absorbency and the type of wood, apply 1 to 3 thin coats, until a coating layer has
developed. For an especially smooth and heavy-duty surface, sand in between after the first application. On
furniture, use a pad (fleece or approx. the same) of at least 280 grain. On floors, use a non-abrasive pad (beige pador else felt).
Polish in the wet film with the first 2 coats after 10 — 15 minutes with a polishing machine, eccentric sander or a
lint-free cotton cloth. The 3rd coat must be polished in immediately after drop by drop application of approx. 1
teaspoon of KUNOS per m². On floors and heavy-duty surfaces apply at least 3 coats, spreading with an applicator or with a short haired roller, or with a machine.

OSB After pre-sanding with sanding paper with a 120 — 180 grain (not a roll grinder as too much will be taken off the
surface layer), apply 3 x KUNOS very thinly. The 1st and 2nd coats can after 10 — 15 minutes be polished in with an
eccentric sander, a single pad machine or a lint free cloth. The 3rd coat should after spreading about 1 teaspoon of
oil per m² drop-by-drop be polished in immediately. The necessary amount of KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244
must be determined by doing a test application. The characteristics of the surface are the same as mentioned
above, but the German Industrial Standard (DIN) is not reached.

Renovation of old Pore-clogged coatings (oil-based paint, lacquers, coating varnishes), wax finishes must also must be sanded or
furniture stripped until there is no old residue. Open-pored old coatings must be cleaned; if necessary, sanded and tested
whether KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 can be applied and absorbed. Then follow the regular instructions for
preparation and application as described under the heading wood above

Important tips Fine sanding reduces the quantity of KUNOS required. This also reduces the tendency of “wear and tear” and
soiling of the surface. When sanding too coarse, the surface becomes too water vaporized and the possibility of
greening increases.
The longer the KUNOS No. 244 has a chance to interact, the stronger is the reinforcing and deepening of the
natural color of the wood grain, e.g. by beech. In the grooves, the KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 should be
completely removed.
Wood not completely saturated with KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244, or oak wood exposed to water may
develop stains or discolor.
A more homogeneous surface appearance is achieved by applying a final coat of SOGO Universal Hard Wax No.
307, or ALISA Hard Wax No. 302.
Wood veneers, with a minimum of 0.5 mm after sanding, the 1st coat is to be applied very thinly, and the wet film to be removed after 5 minutes. For glued crosscut wood or wood veneers, with a surface coat of smaller than 0.5mm, the KUNOS is not suitable. Adhesives and glues have to be completely dry before treatment with the 1st
KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 coat.
Cutting edges and joints of Multiplex are to be oiled very sparingly, because otherwise the glue layer might be
When using colored tones, make sure to sand evenly and apply sparingly.
When using KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 white as an initial treatment, it preserves the natural wood tone,
particularly on light colored wood species such as maple and birch. It is only for limited use on ash and oak.
KUNOS white must be wiped away thoroughly after 10 minutes to prevent pigment traces or white spots from
forming, or streaks building. Afterwards apply two coats of KUNOS Natural Floor Sealer No. 241-002 clear.

Available in 250ml and 750ml larger quantities are available on request

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