Hermes RB346MX Flex Paper 75mm Wide Drum Sander 80 grit

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Hermes RB346MX Flex Paper 75mm Wide Drum Sander 80 grit


Hermes RB346 MX Flex Paper 75mm wide per metre

Suitable For Wound Loadings On Sanding Machines

This 75mm wide roll winds on the spirally loaded sanding machines.

Hermes ceramic grain, gives a superb cut, and microfractures on use so the grain is continually self sharpening. Resin bonded onto X - weight strong cotton cloth to prevent tearing and stretching, the ceramic particles are blended with aluminium oxide and left with a semi open-coating to reduce clogging.

Washable and scrubbable with a wire brush. If you order a multiple of more than one length to suit your specific machine loading, we will send it as one uncut length.

Give us a call if you are unsure and we can help with your requirements. Don't forget to take into account the saving you might make in buying longer lengths, as the end taper of one loading, is the start taper on the next loading!

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