Carbatec ET-1 Handheld Double Edge Trimmer

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Carbatec ET-1 Handheld Double Edge Trimmer


Handheld Double Edge Trimmer

This edge banding edge trimmer gives your workpiece a completely smooth finish, quickly and easily! Simply hold up to your oversized edge banding; squeeze the trimmer firmly and push or pull to shave away any excess edge banding material, flush with the surface!

  • Perfect for veneer edge banding
  • Cuts both faces in one pass

Usage Instructions:

Attach the trimmer onto your workpiece and press both sides against the board. Move the trimmer in the direction of the arrow (in either a pushing or pulling motion) and housed blades will trim both sides at once, safely and easily.

Follow the direction of the grain to minimise tear-out.

The first blade will cut straight and the second blade can be adjusted for a tapered cut. 

Cutting range: 12.7mm to 32mm

Maximum material thickness 0.5mm.

Replaceable Blade: High quality tool steel

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