Foredom MAMH-1 Motor Hanger

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Foredom MAMH-1 Motor Hanger 


Foredom Double Motor Hanger With Bench Clamp

(Machine not included)

This adjustable stands allow the motor to be positioned at the correct height. This ensures that the flexible shaft is not used at low sharp angles which would otherwise reduce operating life of the inner cable of the flex shaft. The shaft is solid steel with rigid steel couplers fixed by grub screws.

MAMH-1 features a 3-piece hexagonal support rod, top safety hook rod for holding one or two motors and the MABC-1 for attaching to any bench top up to 55mm thick. The rod height can be adjusted with the locking screw built onto the clamp. Comes with a MAHR-2 Handpiece Rest that slides onto the hanger pole and secures your handpieces when not in use.

Also has two UA10658 Spring Safety Clips that slide over the motor bale and on to the hanger rod to keep the motor(s) from jumping and twisting during start up and acceleration.

A Genuine Fredom part.

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