U Beaut EEE Ultra Shine

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U Beaut EEE Ultra Shine


EEE - Ultra Shine is a cut and polish paste wax containing Tripoli powder (also known in Australia as Rotten Stone) an ultra fine abrasive. The polish is designed to be used in conjunction with Shellawax Cream & liquid or as a finish in its own right on plastics and some stone.

It can also be used by French Polishers after polishing and restorers to cut & polish old polished surfaces.

EEE - Ultra Shine has the ability of removing sanding marks from most timbers and can greatly reduce your sanding time whilst giving you a far better finished surface than you have ever had before. A blemish free surface pre-polished and ready to apply your finish to.

If you sand to 240 grit then use EEE it will give you about the equivalent of sanding with 1200 grit or more. The higher grit abrasive paper you use before using EEE the better your finish will be. If you sand to 1200 grit and then use EEE you will get about the equivalent of sanding up to somewhere between 2000 & 4000 grit depending on the material you are sanding.

In pretty well all cases what you will be left with is a surface that shows no sanding marks and is ready to have Shellawax or Shellawax Cream applied to it as a final finish which is guaranteed to knock your eyes out.

If you use either of our Shellawaxes and are amazed at the finish you get with them, prepare yourself to be astounded. This finish is nothing short of miraculous.

If you are striving for perfection in the look of your finish? This is it.

If you are not striving for perfection in the look of your finish. This will give it to you anyway.

If you are sick of spending hours on a finish that is at the best mediocre then try this, combine it with Shellawax and you will never look back.



Sand your turned item to a minimum of 400 grit abrasive (for fine turned items you may wish to sand up too 1200 grit or more). Stop the lathe & apply an even coat of EEE - Ultra Shine with a clean soft rag.

Turn the lathe on and work the wax over the surface with the rag as you would work the surface with an abrasive paper.

Finally, with the lathe still running buff off the remaining wax and abrasive grit with a clean piece of soft cloth then apply Shellawax or Shellawax Cream.


On pens etc. made with crushed velvet or any of the other plastic type finishes EEE - Ultra Shine - Ultra Shine can be used as the sole finish. Sand with 240 to 400 grit wet and dry abrasive paper using water as a lubricant then apply EEE - Ultra Shine as above working the polish over the surface until the desired effect is obtained. You should have a brilliant blemish free shine on the surface.


EEE - Ultra Shine can also be used after the application of Shellawax to finely cut the surface giving a brilliant dry shine. Used over Organ Oil, Danish oil, polyurethane and lacquered surfacer as a final finish EEE - Ultra Shine will give the same brilliant dry shine rather than that wet looking shine that many finishes get.


EEE - Ultra Shine is used with brilliant results on Jadewood (Mineral Talc stone). Wether being used in the lathe or polished by hand the result is nothing short of spectacular. If the stone is then finished with Shellawax Cream and then cut again with the EEE the finish is even more brilliant and also well protected.

No other stones have been tested yet but it is possible that this will work well on many others.



Use EEE - Ultra Shine as a final finish over a polished surface to enhance the finish and remove or at least hide (blend in) slight surface imperfections.

Allow the French polished surface to harden approximately 2 days, then apply the wax to the surface using a clean soft cloth and rubbing with the grain of the timber. Buff off with another clean soft rag turning regularly to remove the grit.

Finally Polish over the entire surface using our Polish Reviver this will remove the last traces of grit and give the surface a brilliant glow.

Combine EEE Ultra Shine with Polish Reviver for brilliant results on old French polished & lacquered surfaces. restores faded, dull, smoke stained, water marked surfaces to like new and much more.


We have had reports of it working brilliantly in various metals, bone, shells, Tugua nuts, a variety of polished and painted surfaces and even as a cut and polish on a car (We do not recommend it as a cut and polish for cars but it does work).

Special note for EEE on raw timber

EEE-Ultra Shine is not a finish for raw wood.

When EEE is used on a lathe over raw timber it produces a brilliant shine. Do not be fooled into leaving the wood like this. It is the timber shining from abrading and burnishing. There is no finish on the wood. Because of this the timber will dull in a short period of time from moisture in the air, steam, humidity, etc. This is because the timber is still raw.

Please use a finish over the top preferably one of the Shellawaxes, which are 100% compatible with the EEE. If using another finish over the EEE do a test piece first as the waxes in the EEE might stop the final finish from adhering to the timber.

Many other finishes will also be greatly enhanced by using EEE - Ultra Shine to finish the finish. These include Organ Oil, Danish oil, polyurethane, nitrocellulose lacquer, French polish, spirit varnish, spa vanish, etc.

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