Carbitool DCS5.0DS Carbide Countersink with Depth Stop 14 Gauge

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Carbitool DCS5.0DS Carbide Countersink with Depth Stop 14  Gauge


The CARB-I-TOOL 14 Gauge Adjustable Countersinking Toolis an all in one pre-drilling and countersinking tool. The 14 gauge Countersinking Tool is suitable for 14g Decking Screws. It is designed to adjust to suit any 14g screw.

Ideal for decking installations and general woodworking.

Its benefits include:

  • Consistent drill depths when countersink
  • Fully adjustable countersink depth
  • Suitable to use standard 5.0mm replacement drill bits
  • Tungsten Carbide countersink tip which is longer lasting
  • Prevents timber splitting
  • Hardened drill bit which can drill both timber & metal
  • Includes hex key to remove grub screws when changing replacement drill bit
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