Brass BM-290-H Brass Mallet with Handle

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Brass Mallet 290gm Head with Handle BM-290-H


For craftspeople looking for a new best friend, a simple brass mallet provides unmatched performance when it comes to fine woodworking. If you are into hand tool woodworking, then check out these Brass Mallets, available with or without a handle.

Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using simple hand tools takes this experience to the next level. This Torquata Brass Mallet is a solid yet elegant mallet suitable for a broad range of fine woodworking tasks.

Brass Mallets

With a classic heft and balance, brass mallets are not only compact and attractive, yet also incredibly durable when dealing with endless strikes against your chisel. Brass is strong enough to resist wear while remaining relatively lightweight so both you and your brass mallet will survive long sessions at the bench. Brass mallets are a pleasure to use and extremely versatile. Useful in all woodworking situations whether you are tapping a chisel, bedding in a fine wedge or out chopping joints.


  • Solid polished 290g brass head

  • Head is circular with an ergonomically tapered underside edge

  • Smooth ergonomic rubber lined handle

  • Rebated handle cap end to assist tightening

A 290-gram head

With a circular third of a kilo brass head, this brass mallet is can handle all types of carving, chopping and making it fit tasks working at any angle. Yet due to the ergonomically shaped and balanced handle, even though you are wielding a bit of weight you can work precisely and efficiently.

Customise your mallet

This 290g Brass Mallet supplied handle is beautifully smooth and balanced finished with a soft rubber grip. Alternatively, customise your mallet and make your own handle. The mallet head is supplied with a threaded insert nut, turn or carve your handle and get to work.

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