Benchcrafted Screw Leg Glide & Retro Criss Cross Kit Machined Finish BCGVMK-2

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Benchcrafted Screw Leg Glide & Retro Criss Cross Kit Machined Finish BCGVMK-2


Benchcrafted Screw Leg Glide & Retro Criss Cross Kit Machined Finish

Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vice.

Available in several different kits, with handwheel Machined and Criss Cross Mechanism Retro. 

Old-fashioned power meets futuristic design. Forget clumsy, sluggish or feeble vices. Every aspect of Glide Leg Vice Screws are designed with superior grip and ease of operation in mind, to ensure you spend less time fiddling and re-setting, and more time on your chosen project. 

Offering more power, greater grip, better holding ability and over double the workable grip of an iron vice, Glide Leg Vices are the vice of the past, designed for the future.

Why a Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vice?

Glide Leg Vices can be held right against the screw for superior grip, with a state-of-the-art handwheel – acting just like a flywheel - allowing rapid opening and closure with the lightest spin. 

The vice’s superior design ensures unparalleled ease of operation. Replacing the T-bar with a cast-iron handwheel allows ergonomic control as the workspace glides open and closed with minimal effort. A rolled-threaded screw performs the grunt work, with a hardened, polished thread ensuring greater durability and smoother operation than a typical cut-thread.

With Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vices, the bench’s leg and top form the jaws of the vice, removing the need for auxiliary wood jaws and eliminating maintenance concerns. 

The Criss Cross mechanism ensures unencumbered movement by completely supporting the weight of the chop and glide components; with no need for a parallel guide and adjustment pin. This mechanism can work with older leg vices and be tilted up to 15 degrees.


  • Huge 230mm (9 inch) workable depth 
  • 8 inch diameter cast iron handwheel opens vice to full capacity in just four seconds
  • Three wrinkle coated Aluminium knobs.
  • Rolled-thread double-lead acme screw allows twice as fast operation as a typical metal vice screw (four turns per inch).
  • Handwheel knobs are oriented at 120 degrees, meaning knobs are always accessible at the 10:00 and 2:00 positions.
  • Entirely maintenance free – no adjustments after installation.
  • Lower fulcrum position providing unparalleled leverage.
  • No need for guide rods, preventing racking and ensuring a better grip.
  • All models designed, cast and machined in the USA. 

Which vice is right for me?

During the industrial revolution, when leg vices ruled the workshop, they had no time for featherweight hardware. If you’re in regular need of a strong and easily adjustable vice, the size and design of Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vices make them superior to bolt-on vices in every way. 

The Glide Leg Vices are available in either a Machined or Cast Finish with either Solo or Retro Criss Cross mechanisms. Solo use mounting pins, which require drilling the mounting holes into the leg and chop of your bench. Retro brackets, which are fitted inside the leg and chop mortice, are for already completed benches

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