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Carroll's Chronicle February 2019

Here we are half way through February 2019 and the year is moving on for everyone. The kids/ grandkids are back at school so more time for the work shop.

There is changes for the local wood shows with Ballarat now late September and back to its original format and the Goulburn Valley Woodworkers show now in a new venue and later in the year in October. These changes are a big change to your calender so look at the events calender to update yours. one big plus for us is we will be able to attend the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton as this usually clashes with the shepparton weekend. It will be good to be on the other side of the fence looking in.

Dont forget when we attend shows or turnarounds to give us a call an put aside stock for you so you dont miss out.

For those not up to date we have been closed on mondays since last April, this has made a big difference to us  and we appreciate everyone's understanding in this.

We are slowly increasing the tool range in the shop so if there is something you are looking for have a look at the web site or give us a call.

Other articles

Benchcrafted Vice Hardware

For those building their own work benches and want the rolls royce of hardware we now have the Benchcrafted range in stock, yes its not cheap but then quality never is. 

There is also the range of Baladonia vices for your bench which all work very well. Read more »


Woodcarving, Spoon Carving, Chip Carving.

These are fast becoming the latest hobbies for everyone to take up.

They do not require many tools and are generally a quiet past time. We are slowly increasing the more popular tools to our range from the Mora tools, Kirschen and Pfeil.

For those that like a bit of noise and dust we do have the Saburr discs and burrs available

Read more


Trend Air Stealth Half Mask

Introducing the latest dust mask from Trend, The Air Stealth half mask helps you work in a dusty environment with a comfortable mask.

They are a P2 respirator and have the  P3 filters and also the Nuisance/ odour filters as well.

Available in 2 sizes to suit most people.  Read more »


Our Travels 2019

Here is our travels for 2019, As indicated above there has been some changes so please take note. Also note when the shop will be closed so as not to dissapoint with turning up and we are not here.

MARCH 2019

1st -3rd March  Bowna Turnabout {Must be registered to attend,  wagga.turnabout@gmail.com } SHOP CLOSED FRIDAY THE 1st AND RE-OPEN TUESDAY 5th MARCH

SHOP CLOSED FOR THE LABOR DAY WEEKEND Saturday 9th and reopen Tuesday  12th


Easter Break closed Friday 19th April re-open Tuesday 23rd April

Anzac Day Wednesday April 25 SHOP CLOSED

3rd-6th May Grampians U Turn {must be registered to attend JEFF WILLEY   willey1953@bigpond.com  } SHOP CLOSED SATURDAY 4th May , RE-OPEN TUESDAY 7th May

JUNE 2019

 12th JUNE Queens Birthday June SHOP CLOSED Saturday 8th RE-OPEN TUESDAY 11th JUNE

JULY 2019

19th-21nd July Forest Edge Experience 2018 {must be registered to attend, Mary Reynolds,  lakeviewmary@gmail.com } SHOP CLOSED FRIDAY 19th JULY, RE-OPEN Tuesday 23th JULY

AUGUST 2019 


13-15th Phillip Island Down Under Turnaround {Must be registered to attend,  bctalbot@bigpond.com } {SHOP CLOSED Frday 13Th-Reopen Tuesday 17th SEPTEMBER}

21-22 Ballarat Woodworkers Show, Back to the original venue and set up {SHOP CLOSED FRIDAY 20th - REOPEN TUESDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER}


26-27th October Goulburn Valley Woodworkers show NEW DATE NEW VENUE {SHOP CLOSED FRIDAY 25th - REOPEN TUESDAY 29th}


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