Woodcut Tools TWBG Tru-Grind Wet Grinder Jig

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Woodcut Tools TWBG Tru-Grind Wet Grinder Jig


WoodCut Tru-Grind Pivot Base For Wet Grinders

To sharpen all woodturning tools on a wet grinder you will need many expensive tool holders with the Woodcut you only need the one to do all your chisels.
New to the woodcut sharpening range are these handy supports that know enable you to use your wet grinder in conjunction with a true grind tool holder.

Many still prefer the edge and the cool grind that can be achieved with a wet grinder.

 Your Woodcut True Grind system is designed to enable woodturners to repeatedly grind perfect bevels on all types of bowl gouges, spindle gouges, roughing gouges, skews, and scrapers.

 Once the Pivot-base is setup as described, grinding perfect bevel on a tool is very easy and you will be able to repeat this prefect bevel every time you re-sharpen your tool.

Tool holders sold separate if you don’t have a Woodcut Tru-Grind.

Will fit Tormek,Triton and many other wet grinders.

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