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Vicmarc VL240 ASM Heavy Duty Lathe 1.5kw


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Product Code: Vicmarc VL240 ASM Heavy Duty Lathe 1.5kw

The New VL240 Heavy Duty ASM Swivel Head Lathe is a versatile machine because of its 90 degree swivel head facility and solid cast iron construction. The VL240 Heavy Duty has an electronic variable speed drive that gives up to 200% torque on low rpm with a powerful 1.5kW motor.  The Variable Speed Unit for VL240 is contained inside a strong steel enclosure and can be mounted on the wall behind the machine.  

The lathe is mounted on an adjustable stand which is made from 6mm and 4mm thick plate steel.  It has been designed with a 700mm wide footprint for stability and rigidity and the adjustable legs allow you to customise the height height. This model also includes a knee stop bar as standard.

The VL240 lathe comes with 3 step pulleys which provide 3 ratios; 1:1 for small to medium size work, 1:1.5 for medium to large work and 1:3 for large work.  For extra torque, simply change the Poly V Belt to the 1:3 ratio.  Also included is a digital speed readout, located on the headstock, that displays the actual spindle RPM regardless of which ratio the belt is located on.  Another great new feature on this lathe is the indexing pin safety switch.  This prevents accidental startup while the indexing pin is engaged.