Vermec CHU-499 Delux Multi Centre Chuck

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Vermec CHU-499 Delux Multi Centre Chuck 


Vermec Delux Multi Centre Chuck.

Developed with the collaboration of Guilio Marcolongo the new Multi Centr Chuck allows you even more flexibility and repeatability.

The Multi Centre Chuck Deluxe mounts directly to your lathe spindle via an adaptor (Insert). This allows you to put details in your work that are not concentric with your lathe spindle. The amount of offset ( 0 -30mm ~ in 5mm Increments ) is easily adjusted using a hex key and the amount of offset is visible in a viewing window on the chuck. Of course you can set the chuck offset to 0 and machine on centre as normal. ( Using the chuck as a screw face plate.)
You also have the ability to index your job around in equal divisions allowing you to produce complex patterns and even square or triangular shapes, example 2=180 deg,3=120 deg,4=90 deg,6=60 deg, Your imagination is the only limit to your design.

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